Valentina Mendoza

Valentina Mendoza


Vanessa comes from a long lineage of Peruvian seers. Her gift was passed down to her through her grandmother Valentina Mendoza, in honor of whom La Baronesa Valentina was named. Since the age of 14, Vanessa's ancestors have spoken to her through the tarot. She incorporates her intuitive teachings during her therapy sessions to provide clarity to those who seek her. 

"Vanessa's energy is that of a best friend in which you seek advice. She’s a straight shooter. You’ll get your worries put to rest with a reading. Everything you need to hear and that of which you don’t want to will come to light. If you want accuracy, guidance and a trusting spirit. You have that and more with Vanessa. She is awesome and very accurate. She is my go to when need a little clarity. I feel the love and light after a reading.”

-May Lee

“Before I met Vanessa I remember having one tarot reading in my hometown when I was a teenager- I didn’t really know what to make of it at the time and I was very young and skeptical about the whole process, so I didn’t have another until I met Vanessa. I met Vanessa in passing circles because we both are energy workers and one day Vanessa came up to me and told me she had a strong sense that I needed a reading. She didn’t know what was going on in my personal life at the time, but everything was falling apart and I was struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel so I agreed to a tarot reading.

I was new to getting readings so she had to guide me through it a bit but everything that Vanessa read from my cards was spot on with the situations I was dealing with at the time. At the time of my first reading I was struggling with some serious issues with my old landlord while trying to balance work and home stressors and the reading I received truly helped me put everything into perspective and helped me move forward through my obstacles. Since then I have been back for another reading to help me make some important decisions on how to move forward with my business and once again Vanessa helped me cut through the fog and pave the way! I’m so impressed by her intuition and abilities that I sent my close friend to get a reading by her last week when she was struggling with some pretty heavy life baggage and Vanessa was able to read her cards and help my friend put her life into perspective and move forward with a better sense of confidence in her decisions. 

Overall, I would recommend Vanessa to any of my friends or family. She has a true intuitive gift and is able to break through all the muck and clutter and show you exactly how to proceed in the hardest of times. ”


“Vanessa Ly's readings have been transformative to my life. Guides and spirits speak through her intuitive tarot who have guided me twice at crucial moments and have offered me peace of mind. Vanessa is kind and open and doing a reading with her is an incredible experience. I definitely recommend you scheduling a session with her, it will be transformative!”